We are operating international sharehouse in Seoul, South Korea for Heroes from all over the planet.

What is Sharehouse?

Live together at
better house

Stay at more equipped, bigger house by sharing a certain part of the house. You can still have your own personal area like your bed, desk or so.

7 reasons why

Avengers House

Cozy and Comfortable


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Zero extra bill

All Inclusive

No more hassle from unexpected, hidden bills. On Avengers house, all the costs essential to live like utility, internet is already covered by your rent.

You save $100+/mo in Avengers House

If you live by yourself, following costs are on your charge.

  • Electricity/Gas = $30~$100
  • Internet(+WiFi) = $20
  • Fresh water = $25
  • Maintenance(replacing Bulbs or so) = $5
  • Monthly house cleaning = $50

No bulk cash required

Low Deposit

We only require $400 to $800 deposit and you can pay them on your favorite currency even with your credit card.

Stay for 1 month?

Flexible Contract

We do our best to customize the optimized contract for each of our tenants. Feel free to ask any request to us.

Enjoy the best

High-end Facility

Electronic dryer makes your laundry smooth with a single button.
Water purifier provides fresh cold/hot water 24 hours.
By Food waste dryer, you free from burden to deal with food waste.

Let professionals do the job.

Cleaning Service

We provide professional cleaning service on the house in regular bases, once or twice a month. The frequency of the cleaning service is depending on the number of total people in house.

You'll need a handy man.

Help Assured

So many unexpected problems are inevitably happen when you live abroad. As an English-speaking Korean, our staffs handle the most of the issues instead of you.

Referral Guaranteed


We are proudly listed on official guide from Seoul National University.

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