We are operating international sharehouse in Seoul, South Korea for Heroes from all over the planet.

Collaboration in ART


We proudly announce our collaborative partnership with the top of art lifestyle brand, RAVOUS


Art Lifestyle Shop


Art Lifestyle brand RAVOUX discovers local artists and create contemporary art figures. From art poster to living goods like mugs, RAVOUX aims to inspire our ordinary life with art.

With collaboration with RAVOUX, housemates in Avengers House can enjoy more cultural experience. We will also make more inspiring events like a meeting with artists exclusively for Avengers House mates.

Feel free to visit RAVOUX online shop to explore more about their arts.


Art lives with you

Inspiring arts are with you at every houses.

LONG EAR BOB – Gwanak House 1

The Artist


Long Ear BOB is living on Earth as a dachshund, but in fact he is not a dog. He is an alien life from outer space.

Now BOB takes care of his ‘so-called’ owner ‘Hank’ who is a computer programmer since BOB had arrived on Earth.

In fact, BOB has much higher intelligence than any other human being, but he choose to live as a dog because of his serious laziness. What a smarty!! He knows the saying, a dog’s lot in the happiest gall.

However, he has a heart of gold secretly, sometime he does Hank’s job perfectly and with subtlety when Hank dropped off from his overtime work at night.

He enjoys having pouring a cup of coffee on a cereal bowl, listening hiohiop music, skateboarding and drinking a bitter coffee at once.

MANE.CREW – Gwanak House 2

The Artist


Mane Crew is a powerhouse that creates unique characters and their stories. They pursue LIVE OFF GRID, escape from norms and expectations to live a life without boundaries.

They tell stories about people with Fantastic Manes, and travel for their passions.

Their characters – Mane & Charlie, the most attractive guys are enjoying OFF GRID life starting from Jeju island.

Visit Mane.Crew instagram to see their lifestyle and goods.

Corgiman – Gwanak House 3

The Artist


Corgiman creates his beloved Welsh Corgi Dog as a weird humanized dog character. As born with his short legs, Corgi always have to steps on his own piss and this is why he is also called as 쉬발코기 which can be translated to ‘PissCorgi’ in English.

Despite his funny nickname as PissCorgi, he is proud to be a Corgi. He is always a confident man-dog with so many attractive charms.

There are so much to view on his instagram. You’ll see figures, candles, pin and even cellphone cases with Corgiman here.

Corey.Park – Gwanak House 4

The Artist

Corey. Park

Corey is a car-illustrator and also a creative director of Avengers House. This particular style is something Corey has developed for a reason that you might not expect – Corey’s color blind, so he likes to choose simple colors where everyone can see his work the same way he can; something that’s become a popular theme in his art.

Corey explains, “Here we’ve got Grace Kelly’s Rover P6 3500, James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder and James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. I chose to illustrate these cars as they’re not only beautiful, but they have something darker in common: they’re all famous for the terrible accidents they went through – although with the DB5, that story was fiction of course!”

Noyisin – Gwanak House 5

The Artist


Noyisin is one of the most SNS star artist. Started art posting on instagram not a gallery, Noyisin’s art is more close to public. Hand-writing fonts and unique color selection is the must see on Noysin’s art.

On this poster of lemon, you will find a simple but delicious looking of it’s color with Noyisin’s signature hand-writings.

Enjoy more of Noyisin’s work on instagram link below.

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