We are operating international sharehouse in Seoul, South Korea for Heroes from all over the planet.

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Reservation Process

Step 1

Check Availability

Place a reservation inquiry to check availability. Try to inform us as much as information about your plan to get the best options.

Place a reservation inquiry to check availability.

Step 2

Pay for deposit

By paying for deposit, your reservation is secure. It means that until you pay for it, your reservation is NOT confirmed yet even if you already started inquiry. Hope you are quick enough to take your favorite room.

The amount of your deposit to pay is equal to your monthly rent.

The deposit is non-refundable if you cancel or do not fulfill your contract period.

Step 3

Pay for monthly rent

You have to pay for your 1st month rent on the day of your CHECK-IN. And you continue to pay the rent at the same day of every month.

You can pay by cash or paypal.

By paying by cash, you can avoid 5% transaction fee from paypal. To pay by cash, ask our staff to help.

※ On your last month of stay, you only have to pay for each day.

Step 4

Get refund for Deposit

You get your deposit back within 48 business hours from your check-out date. Once we confirm there is no damage on our facilities, you get the full refund.

Fill out the check-out form to get refund of deposit.

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